Does someone know how to make a deformable tire?

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Thank you for the additional answer!
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I have a plan to make a tyre flat/puncture when it contacts surface/is damaged.but, I can’t come up with anything.

Please, Anyone, help me.

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there are a few ways to do this, depending on the effect you want, and how expensive you want the technique to be. if you have alot of vehicles, you might be better off just changing the collision size to match the rim instead of the tire, so it sinks into the ground. on top of this, you can swap out the tire mesh so the rubber part is at a wonky angle, then after it takes enough damage from driving enough distance, you can use a shredded tire particle effect and swap out the mesh for a busted up rim.

if you are making a game where only a few vehicles will exist in the scene, or if its part of a cutscene, you can spend more resources on the effect. you can add a bulge in the material using world position offset, vertex world space normals, displacement, and tessellation. this would be similar to making snow bulge on top of a rock, no matter which way you turn the rock.

you could also try blending between morph targets that you create from a lattice deformer in a modelling software like blender or maya. this would cost more memory per tire model, add more work for each art asset, and might not even be more performant than the shader method, so i wouldn't recommend it, unless you want an extreme amount of control for a cutscene.

then there is soft body physics, which UE4 doesn’t really have at this point. but you might be able to get apex cloth to behave like a torn up tire.

so for many vehicles, or distant vehicles, use the cheap wonky angle method. for cutscenes or close up vehicles, you can put a vertex shader with displacement tessellation on the first LOD.