Does someone have VXGI running on 4.15?

The title pretty much says it but I’m checking to see if anyone has VXGI running on 4.15? Is there anyone willing to port it, or help port it? I can’t be the only person looking for it.

The one person I’m aware of, which is Maxime.Dupart, who has supposedly ported it won’t share it for some strange reason.

+1 about this. I’m using UE for my animated films and VXGI is a huge part of it. With the introduction of animation blending in Sequencer of 4.15, it’s a solid reason to switch to. Now I’m sitting waiting for the VXGI build to catch up, really excited about this!

Also interested in this.

Just to let yall know. I just got alerted that the official port is on github!

Been searching for an official link that is working and cannot find anything… IS there a working download link for UE4.15 ???

You have to have a github linked account to view it, but it’s definitely there. You’ll have to compile it into your own build though.


Thanks! got it! :slight_smile: