Does ryzen make much difference to compile times vs older intel quad cores?

It seems older intel quad core’s are starting to show their age or unreal has just gotten much slower to compile. It was never this bad two years ago?
Has anyone recently upgraded to the newer ryzen six or eight core cpu’s and found they made a big improvement to compile times?

Ryzen has more threads than intel, for the $, its clear,and they very close hold their own on computational speed.
I have an i5-3570 that has served me well, but its only 4 core no thread and compiling shaders takes forever,and light builds attrocrious.

So yes, I’ve got an am4 system in my wish list bucket on NewEgg, PLUS now that Microsoft is starting their bonus system again on bing searches ( is there now, but NEW one allows you to choose Newegg( other retailers coming) as to where you want to spend your points. GIven I can’t afford a new PC perse, I can afford to build my own system and save lots of money, which I’ve done for the last 10+ yrs.

There is a post over on the AMD reddit about something simliar. Someone ask to bake lightmaps with a 3970x to compare to their 4970k

"Took me 8 days to render the lightmaps on this custom map with a i7 4790k, you can also see a slide comparisson between the old lighting engine and the new.

UPDATE:I’m updating this post because the other i made got buried.

Okay, Just did some tests with u/jedi95, many many thanks to him for spending some time with me.

Beast doesnt use more than 16 threads and not all cores.

51min for a scene with 200 Rays and 7min for the same scene but 40 Rays with the same final overall looking, apparently more rays are used for a dark scenes such as stormdrains.

Overall, he could explain this better than I do.

Click the link below to see the differences between 200 and 40 Rays."

TLDR It took the 3970x 51 mins vs 4790k 8 days

Now is was for a different game engine so results may vary but you can see the difference more cores makes when using task that make use of more cores.

You could also use GPU baking which is posted over on the “Rendering” Sub forum as its super fast or Vray does GPU/CPU baking as well under certain situations.

Interesting so would it be better to get a Ryzen 6C-12T 3600 or 8C-16T 3700X?

It also sounds like the Ryzen 4000 series is coming later this year so i may consider getting a cheaper 3600 now and upgrading later to 4700X.

40 rays looks almost entirely identical to 200. Ray tracing is not the only feature to enhance and correct lighting. The obsession with it is becoming a problem, I think.