Does RepNotify in Blueprints have the same problem as RPCs with Actor references?

With RPCs in C++, it is known that if you spawn an Actor and then in the same frame try to send a RPC with that Actor as a pointer parameter, the client receiving the RPC may not have spawned said Actor yet due to network conditions and other factors (there’s no ordering of events). This results in a nullptr being passed into the RPC.

Can this happen with Blueprint RepNotify variables? In a blueprint, add a variable of Actor with Object Reference and set Replication to RepNotify. In that function, can a client potentially see an “invalid” Blueprint value? If they can, will that value ever correct itself? With RPCs, if the client receives the it prior to the actor spawning, it will never re-trigger (that’s the nature of RPCs). But what about these variables in Blueprints? Same thing?

I tried to test with netemulation settings and even under severe packet loss and lag, I could not get the RepNotify Blueprint value to trigger a Is Not Valid condition on an Actor that was just spawned.