Does Panoramic Screenshot Ignores water ? Cause I am not getting the water in the level while capturing panoramic screenshot

So In My level I have added a Ocean water and created a tropical scene, but when I am capturing a panoramic screen shot of the scene using the panoramic screen shot plugin that comes with unreal, the water is not appearing in the screen shot.

I tried adding reflection captures as well, Is it something normal with reflection capture plugin that comes with unreal?

I’m facing with a similar question, but my prooblem is that I cant get the light rendered correctly. In fact, the final color PNG is totally blank while the base color PNG has something.

Hey @Lukalake and @Kakarotdrv, I’m 10 months late on this one, but Panoramic Capture can’t capture anything that requires ray tracing output, the new Lumen system, and certain shader types. Unfortunately there isn’t much workaround in the time being.

I am using UE5.11.

I have transparent materials like water and glass inside my level.

When I capture a screen shot with the Panoramic Capture Plugin, transparent materials do not appear.

Is there any way to solve this problem?