Does Lumen have a required RHI (DirectX12, DirectX 11, Vulkan, etc)?

Hey guys! I have a question concerning Lumen.

I have a two-month old RTX 3070, but that being said, my computer…does not like Directx12. When I played Dying Light 2, I had to go Ray tracing off due to constant crashing caused by the RHI. When I downloaded UE5 Stable earlier today, I went in to try the Lyra demo. After maybe 5 minutes, I got the dreaded “GPU crashed or d3d device not found” error. After some research, none of the fixes helped–except I did notice that Directx12 could be a cause. Given my history with the RHI, I assume that is probably it.

Now, I understand Lumen is a ray tracing solution, but does that mean DirectX 12 is required to use it? Is it possible to use the lighting system with Unreal on a different RHI (DirectX 11, Vulkan, etc.)? I’d love to be able to use it in my project, but won’t at the cost of constant uncontrollable crashes.

Note: I’d also like to note that the Lumen technical details documentation page is returning a 404 error, which is why I’m turning to ask questions here.

Lumen can be software emulated.
You don’t have to enable RTX to use it.

that crash has also been fixed for DX12 on git so it should be fixed by 5.1 or a hotfix maybe if they see the need. overall you can use whatever but most new features are going to end up performing best in DX12 which has been improved alot on 5 compared to how it was before and some features like nanite are going to require it

So it will be fixed in the next version update? I’ve been having this issue since the previews and its persisting in 5.0 stable.

Also thought that nanite could run on Vulkan as well?

Lumen works with DirectX 12 except for translucency. Trees are dark af.

Nanite doesn’t work properly in DirectX 11 (it shows low-poly LODs if they are present in the mesh).

There are translucency settings that need to be adjusted.
Post Process Volume → Translucency → Type: RayTracing
If that doesn’t work, use console varible: r.Raytracing.Translucency 1

I was adjusting for glass shaders, but I think it might work with leaves too