Does know how I can fix this problem with my translucent hair material?

So I created hair in 3ds max and textures it in Substance painter. This is how the hair looks like in 3ds Max before I exported it to fbx.

When I imported it and set up the materials, I noticed a big problem. When I applied a translucent blend mode and made it 2 sided, it made the top planes of the hair see through from any angle. I don’t think it is a flipped normals problem because I tried flipping the normals in 3ds Max and that didn’t fix it.

When I applied an opaque material, it looks fine.

I am so confused on how to fix this. I spend hours playing around with the alpha settings in Substance Painter, messing around with the material editor and searching on google how to fix this. It must be something simple that I am messing up and don’t realize. Does anyone have any idea or can point me in the right direction?