Does Empty Material Slot Cause a Draw Call?


I dont know how to answer the second question though, but at least you got the first part answered :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I have a mesh which has 2 materials. I created LOD levels in the editor and I gave the last LOD only one material and cleared the other slot (which is WorldGridMaterial). I was wondering if that empty material slot causes a draw call? If so, how can I delete a material slot from a specific LOD level?

yes, even when the slot is empty it will be a draw call.

And yes, sadly removing material slots is all manual work.
Just part of gamdevthings hehe.

So you mean an empty material slot causes a draw call.

I tried to delete the material slot from the LOD, but I couldn’t find anything in the editor. Epic should add something like this in my opinion :slight_smile: Not only deleting material slots from all LODs.

If you search for CleanMeUpScotty you can find and option for removing unused assets! It is pretty handy por me!