Does Collision with Root Component Effect Child Components?

I have a root component (touchBox), that should trigger an event when the player collides with it, however i have a box component attached to it, and touching that box component also triggers the event, how can i limit the collision to just the touchBox Root component?



Think Mario, i only want the collision event with the bottom of the brick. The thin square is my root component touchBox.

You should be able to change the mesh to the root or use an empty object as the root and just make a reference to the touchBox inside your BP. that should fix your problem and doing the empty object root should keep from this problem happening again.

Hi and thanks for the answer, i’m finding it hard to follow along with your response. Do you mean change the think planar square a the bottom of the cube? Because thats my root. Thats where i want the collision event to happen.

Hey Green_ can you post an image of ur components screen so i can see whats goin on? in the mean time i will setup an example for you that should clear it all up. :slight_smile:

Perfect! i will set up u an example to night and screen shot so you will be able to see what i was trying to say. thank you for posting!

No! Thank you! Very appreciative of your help :slight_smile:

This photo shows you how the tree should fall. In most situations what ever you do to your parent object/entity will happen to the child objects/entities. Before you had the root (Parent) your trigger and applying code/nodes to it/ and in turn those code/nodes effected your children objects/entities.

Placing them an empty object like i did.(in my case its just the arrow component) you will be able to give functionality to all the objects you need. just do not apply anything to the empty object. the only time i apply any functionality to my empty object is if i need to set rendering to false to the hose element. then i just set it for empty object and in turn will set it for all the child objects. I hope this clearifys this for you. if not let me know and if it does and this fixes your problem you are having please give me a thumbs up!

I am glade to help in any way i can!

Yep, awesome explanation totally understand, thanks for your patience big help :smiley:

Awesome! Let me know if this fixes your problem when you try it for yourself! and i was glad to of been able to help! :slight_smile: