Does Changing A Model From OBJ To FBX Without Changing The Textures Affect Anything?

Just as the title says really. I’ve created models in SketchUp and exported them as OBJ files and sorted out the UV Maps using UV Layout Pro because it doesn’t support FBX files. I’ve then loaded the OBJ file into Substance Painter and textured it. Things are going great so far…until I try and import the model into the Unreal Engine. I get an error message saying that my Smoothing Groups aren’t present. I take a look at SketchUp and the Options in the Export box and there’s no option for Smoothing Groups.

So I then decided to load the OBJ into Maya and Export that as an FBX file.

Is this going to affect anything…? The models look the same as far as the tris goes so in theory this shouldn’t affect anything, should it.?

I’m going to convert my OBJ files into FBX files BEFORE I start texturing them from now on but I’m just wondering if this is going to affect anything for the 3 models I’ve already done…? The UV Maps are the same, the number of polys and vertices is the same. So I’m guessing all should be okay…?

Thanks in advance for any help! :smiley:

In short, if you are baking a unique normal map to an object, you want to make sure the smoothing groups stay the same from when you baked the model, and when you import the model into the engine.

Smoothing groups effect the shading and where you might see hard edges on a model.