Does anyone know what could be causing the white pixels on screen?


This issue happens when playing the game and also in the viewport. Seems to be an issue whenever you look at the blueprint that is causing an issue. Although, i have no errors or warnings on the blueprint. Has anyone seen this before?

I’m assuming this is a rendering issue but could be completely wrong.

That looks like a GPU hardware problem. Could also be drivers.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ll try updating my drivers, only thing is, this issue is apparent on my teams machine as well. I’ve linked a quick video of the problem if this helps: UE5 Issue - YouTube

Ok, bizarre. Does it go away when you restart the editor?

No, it still stays there. it’s different each time as well when you move around. might not be the same pixels in the same area. It’s really strange. Updated my Nvidia drivers, still the same issue.

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If it’s not the drivers (or overheating) than it might be a logical error.

Swap out the materials on things with something that’s just a color like [1,0,0] so it’s red. Do the spots still appear? If yes, then it’s likely not the material.

Can you make a simple, new level inside that project? Does the issue present?

If you spin up a sample project on an affected machine, do you see the same issue? If yes, it’s likely the machine/app/config vs the project itself.

Gonna have to try a few diagnostic steps. Change something big/impactful and if the issue goes away, you’ve likely stumbled upon it.

Hi, thanks for the tips. I’ll give these a go, like you said, keep changing stuff until the issue dissapears.

Just to answer some of your suggestions:

  • Swapped out materials, this doesn’t seem to be the issue either.
  • I have a few other levels. Dragged the BP into the level, no issues, which is strange! I would make a new gym and ignore the issue, but I don’t want to blindy ignore this in case it pops up later on. :frowning:
    *Spun up a new project, no issues there.

Seems to be inside this one level! I’ll check the app/config. See if there’s anything i can do there.
Thanks for your help both, I’ll keep this thread open in case there are any other people who might know what this issue could be.

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This is near-best as at least the issue is isolated and not systemic…

Hi, i had the same problem and removing the RenderCustomDepth pass on my player mesh resolved it

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