Does anyone know this problem? (car shading)

Hi everybody.
I bought this meterial. And I tried shading car paint.
But mesh is strange. Do you know anything about this problem?
capture_ (3).jpg

Hi haonty_really don’t know if it could be helpful:

  • the model was exported with the “smoothing group” enabled?
  • check the lightmap resolution of your model (maybe it’s too low)
  • I think that you have placed some but, if I’m not mistaken, the reflection capture objects (box or sphere) doesn’t works on reflecting the environmet, you should use a cubemap texture inide the post process volume
  • the quality of reflections (more sharpness) can tweaked inside the PostProcessVolume “screen space reflections”…but not shure if it works for the cubemap reflections.

…try to checlk some of those things.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your comments.
…But I’ve done it all already. … I think it is UE4 own problem. Rendering or quality of reflections or whatever. Because there were no problems in Unity.
It’s just my guess. Anyway thank you verrrrrrry much~!
Have good day~! :smiley: :heart: