Does anyone know the console command to increase screen percentage on the HTC Vive?

I am trying to increase the screen percentage of some games on Steam, such as the Brookhaven Experiments, Etc. In the past with the rift I would simple open the Engine.ini file in the App data/Local/(Game Name) folder and add “HMD SP 200” or so.
Does anyone know of a command that would do a similar thing for the HTC Vive. In fact I cannot increase the screen percentage for my project in the editor either. When I adjust The post processing volume’s screen percentage setting I get a double image. (unlike with the rift) Thanks!

Anyone? I just need to increase the Pixel density/render target/screen percentage to make the picture clearer. On the rift HMD PD and HMD SP did the job, but does not work for the Vive. This seems like an important feature but is broken in the post processing volume when I test it.

we are using r.ScreenPercentage for this on the vive.