Does anyone know how to make a 3d inventory I'm stumped

I’m trying to make something similar to the inventory that Epic made for the UE4 Daydream promotion.


I’ve tried a plain and add socket to it and set that as the inventory box, then place static mesh components to the sockets. then in the inventory item data have static mesh variable. then In the inventory blueprint I get the static mesh that is attached to the socket and set the mesh to the inventory Item data static mesh. on open inventory, it sets the plain that is the inventory box to not hidden in game and sets static mesh component that is attacked to the socket to not hidden in game. but the static mesh that is attached to the socket doesn’t show up.

Does anyone have a idea on how the best way to do this. I have even tried to do it procedurally also and still can’t figure out how to do it. I’ve been racking my brain for the past 4 hours. Any suggestions may help to figure it out.

Start here…

and here…

second one will show ya how to get that menu up in front of ya,
and the first one depending on how ya want to do your inventory will get ya up and running with umg-ui useable to work with…

hope this helps a bit…

Thanks for the reply William but UMG I found isn’t that great for doing dynamic Inventory systems with 3d widgets.

Here is what I mean, This is what I have tried the other week. the first is a test to the screen to see if the dynamic inventory system was working.

This is what happens when it is turned into a 3d widget. As you can see, the items don’t show up.

That is why I’m trying to make the Inventory a static mesh with the Inventory items added to the static mesh dynamically. First I just need to workout a way to do it, that is my question on the best way to do it.

I’m still thinking the best way is having a static mesh with sockets and attaching the static meshes that would be used as inventory to each socket, and setting them hidden or not hidden depending. But working out how to get a Inventory Array to say X static mesh in Y location needs to set static mesh on inventory socket to not hidden. is the problem I am having. But having adding multiple items to a socket and repeating the process for how many sockets I add for the Inventory is very time consuming. That is why I even tried doing it procedurally. So I would have 1 small mesh with 1 socket and then doing a foreloop X and Y. But as I said before, the drama I’m having is to getting the Inventory Array to say X static mesh is in Y location and set static mesh to not hidden.

look into the second link, get it try it,
it has object based not umg set up on the menu which can be inventory…
it has collision boxes /mesh and images which can easily be swapped for objects… hidden layers etc…

I have a combo situation where i can use both based off these.

heres some video of it…

Thanks for the help William, I worked it out. Here is the screen shots for those whom are wondering.

Inventory actor attached to character.

Inventory system after picking up items and allocating them in the array of Static Meshes

The Inventory Actor Blueprint.

Hope that help others whom are looking at doing the same type on inventory system

thank you so much for the follow thru post with images on topic. most times its a feeding frenzy and no one bothers to share results. thank you.

thank you so much for the follow thru post with images on topic. most times its a feeding frenzy and no one bothers to share results. thank you.
Would love to see progress on this if possible.
I am sure all here would be indebted to you for it.

This is the Reason I tried to create a 3d Inventory System

As you can see above, I tried to create a inventory system using the UMG and 3d widget. This system is to use with a gamepad, as I have a DK2 and not a VIVE. Plus the Idea behind it is for VRMMORPG type game. where part of playing the game is not just grinding but with VR is the Visuals and a sitting down experience. But as you can see above with the pics I posted about the problem I was having with UMG and 3d widget I thought I would have to create a 3d Inventory using mesh based. But in trying to figure out the process I found what my problem was with my UMG based 3d Widget using dynamic inventory system. What I found was that you need to fire the blueprint code not just on Event construct or begin play. As you can see with the 3d Inventory system blueprint I had to use the tick event to get the inventory system to show on open inventory. So it made me think that may of also been the problem with the UMG 3d widget. And sure enough, So now I have the Dynamic Inventory System 3d widget using gamepad working.

Here is my images to show it is working.

Here is what I had to do to the UMG Inventory Blueprint to get it to show up.

Here is where I put the interface fire event, Its located in the main menu UMG.

If your wondering how this was achieved, I downloaded the sample from Wes Bunn did for this question in AnswerHub. And I was able to achieve this. Here is the UMG Inventory System blueprint using a Gamepad.


I hope this helps others whom are looking at using a gamepad and a seated experience. Enjoy


thank you!