Does anyone have or know where M_Highlight is?

Does anyone know where M_Highlight is, as I want to create an outline effect just like in this tutorial and I cant find it in the content examples and some things wont show in the material editor (must be gone by an update).

Hello Matt

Attached is the materia you want and also a new tutorial here: Tutorial – Creating outline effect around objects | Unreal Engine 4 blog

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good luck

76805-outlinematerial.rar (331 KB)

Hi thanks for your response but I cant import the material to unreal 4.9. Is there any way of doing this?

Hi that did work, but there is a problem with the PP_Outliner.

hmm, try just copy and paste using the windows folder and re-open to project.

Hi did you fix this issue

You just need to reconnect the function following this image: