Does anyone else have grave concerns about using Windows 10?

So there’s this article: The Windows 10 privacy issues you should know about

Specifically, this paragraph from their EULA is one of the most Orwellian things I’ve read lately:

While I recognise the need to move to Windows 10 to make use of DX12, at this point me and Windows are splitting ways and I’ll switch to either Mac or Linux (probably the latter) for all of my personal computer needs, leaving a Windows 10 box solely for development and gaming. Even then, the idea that the NSA has a backdoor to my work irritates the hell out of me. This is going to be irritating at best, just to protect my basic privacy rights. Is anyone else annoyed?

They are probably already doing it in W7 and W8 anyway. All they did is just admit it.

They can already get access if they want, it doesn’t matter what OS you use. In some cases they’re obligated by law to share info that they have. In Windows 10 you can turn off the features that want to get access to your data if you don’t want to share it.

You happen to know how to turn that off?

That’s the thing, I use Google Apps to host my email and I’ve considered moving to a private mail service. They don’t describe what mechanism they would be limited to when recovering email content, so it could be as straightforward as “backing it up” to OneDrive regardless of source, thereby making it available to them. Most people don’t consider that they might do this. Any data your PC caches becomes a valid target because it’s so wide ranging.

This is the entire concept behind “NSA metadata” - it’s fragments of information tied to you that most people consider meaningless junk that is then collected in non-traditional ways. Just because you specifically turned off cloud hosting and tracking doesn’t mean everything you want to keep private is turned off entirely. So Mootjuh is right, part of this already exists in Windows 8 and as part of how we do, say, email now. But this skips any network security measures you might take and collects it at the source.

If you think that mac is any different, that’s not the case. Honestly as far as privacy goes, Apple would be the last company I would trust with my personal info given their past actions/reputation. Regarding me having concerns, no I do not. It’s unlike them disclosing my personal info will impact me in any way, and it’s not like they are going to ruin your life or anything like that (they probably want to keep a good reputation).

I’m just waiting for them not to give us that option.
Micro$oft would not look twice before doing this if they get the chance.

This is just sadly how the world is going. “Hook up and give it all up! Or you can’t do anything!”

But Micro$oft is not the only one doing this. Apple is one of the originators of licenses like that. CURSE YOU STEVE JOBS! CURSE YOU!

Stay ever vigilant. For they will push these policy’s as far as possible.
But your probably fine… unless you don’t approve of our Premiers (Say that name with RESPECT!) policies of keeping us safe from the threat of free speech! :wink:

I will ignore Windows 10 just because it looks extremely ugly (the recycle bin looks like windows 95), same as I ignored Windows 8. I will continue to use Windows 7 as long as it’s supported and I’m not forced to switch to 10 for any severe reasons. The EULA seems to be another reason to not use it, although I don’t believe european users will have this paragraph in their EULA since it’s most probably absolutely illegal here.

Their past actions would suggest that they’ll go to court to protect data. iCloud is very secure and the FBI is on record as wanting to tear it down.

Ultimately hosting your own cloud backups and running Linux is probably a better idea though.

The cloud is as insecure as an open door.
If they want in. They can get in. I never store important info on the cloud, too risky.

EDIT: I would use some off beat Linux. Not ubuntu or something like that. They collect data for Amazon.

I use 2FA when it comes to iCloud. As far as that goes though, they were about as secure as most other places with your data and now they’re much more tightly secured. No more calling up on the phone pretending to be Scarlett Johannson to get her nudes.

I’m thinking the most flexible solution is to run a desktop Linux VM. I’m downloading Mint right now. Then at the worst I can run the VM through a VPN, keeping even network streams safe from Microsoft DatacollectorOS 10.

Edit: a friend suggested running Linux as the host and Windows as the VM. From a UE dev perspective, is that any slower or more prone to issues than running it on bare metal? I’m moving into C++ development now and I don’t want to be wondering if a crash was because it was running in a VM environment, or suffer any slowdown or loss of features.

That’s way more secure than most.
But Mint has some bad data policies if I remember. Not as bad as some others though.

Mint’s impressing me so far. Encryped LVM, encrypted home folder, etc. Also very easy to set up.

I’m a Linux server guy but I’ve resisted the desktop for years. This is the first time the experience has been up to scratch for me.

I’d love to stay with W8 but I’d also love to play Xbone games on my PC & use DX12 :smiley:

Is that a thing? I hadn’t heard about that.

Yes, that is one of the big features in W10: Gaming on Windows 10: Windows Gaming PCs & Laptops | Microsoft

Oh streaming. That’s quite a bit different from an XBone game running on Windows 10. I’ve never understood the use for it myself apart from if you have to share the TV with others sometimes. Otherwise you might as well plug the Xbox straight into your monitor’s other input and not have to deal with the added latency. How are you planning to make use of it?

Well, they mention the use of DX12 in the video for streaming, that must mean DX12 is coming to Xbox as well :\ Some of the benefits that I see from streaming vs plugging into monitor is a sort of PiP effect, the ability to record without the use of external hardware, and a few other things.

That could be quite useful for recording, agreed. It’s hard to say how they’re using DX12 in that sense, it might just be token buzzword usage in that it’s part of the rendering pipeline once the stream is received.

I could definitely see people streaming to Twitch or for tournaments with the Xbox -> PC streaming. I wonder if it lets you use a mouse/keyboard for Xbox One games.