Does anyone else have grave concerns about using Windows 10?

I had to roll back because my Nividia drivers did not won’t to play with window 10. I guess i will have to wait until they get this fixed.

Sweeper, I was having all sorts of problems (drivers not working, W10 freezing, restart loops, etc…), and then I just chose the startup option to fresh install W10 but keep my files, now everything is working amazingly, though I did have to download the W10 drivers for Nvidia: Nvidia GeForce Graphics Driver 471.68 for Windows 10 Download | TechSpot

Iv Been using Unreal Engine In Windows 10 fro a while now say 3 mounths on the insider preview all my games work thine and the editor realy is no bugs their just going to make sure its basicly windows 8 anything that can run on 8 can run on 10

I am good now!!

One of our producers upgraded last night. Reports that the upgrade massively screwed multiple drivers, however, the applications themselves seem to be holding up well. So programs work but things like his webcam are currently out of commission. I think I’ll hold off a bit longer for that upgrade :smiley:

I didn’t really have any concerns until you posted this:

although thinking about it by putting that in the UELA they are probably breaking a few of England’s “trading standards” and “privacy” laws which would also open them to potential legal action, hhmmm I don’t know when or if i might upgrade but its an interesting topic.

You will want a really good firewall with windows 10 its absolutely laced with privacy invading **** going through svchost.exe and other background ‘services’…and the automatic ‘updates’.

Not sure why the big deal about security, privacy is literally going out the windows. MS and partners should do want to know and collect as much data as they can on everyone, not at all creepy.

just upgraded, had no problems tho i dont like that whole use your data stuff i shut it all off in my privacy setting (it literally had an option for everything mention in this thread, email, messages, etc.) now to check if its actually off and not just lying to me :stuck_out_tongue: