Does anybody know how to make some effects like this video? (Architectural Conceptual Diagram)

Hi, I known UE4 since student studying architecture at University,
and now I work in Architectural Design Office as a Visualization Technician, make some effects or presentation tools making architecture fancier using UE4.

As you know, Unreal engine is not an architecture tool. so It’s hard to find some sources or assets for architecture presentation.

There are many kinds of architecture modeling for render on the marketplace. but they’re not what I looking for.

Here’s the sample.

maybe someone tells me “Use a Sequencer!” and I already tried:cool:

but there’s a limit to

  1. make morph static mesh > I did it use blender making shape keys, but it’s unfamiliar to architects

  2. smooth moving objects > Sequencer has ‘lerp’ key but I need more elastic moving or little bouncing like the video.

  3. fade objects like drawing > I made some materials to dithering and dissolve objects using opacity mask, but they didn’t vanish as my expect. the material parameter shows effects separately.

  4. animated arrow > on progress. but I can’t find a way to make this. there’s no asset or tutorial for this.:frowning: I wonder It’s the better way to make this using Niagara or other 3d tools like Blender.

so… that’s why I write this in Forum :slight_smile:
I know there’re so many questions here.
you can help me by answer each question or tell me your idea about that video.

I know UE4 is a wonderful program that can make movies or MMORPG, isn’t it a piece of cake making some video like a sample?

any idea is welcome
Have a nice day, guys :slight_smile:

For something like that video I estimate 2 man months of work for an experiences UE4 user.

Look at this:

then look at this:…flow-generator

Thanks! Can you tell me how to estimate?

Gooood! I bought the second one! it can help to ‘4) animated arrow’ I guess :slight_smile:

Actually, I already know the first one but it’s not appropriate for my project :slight_smile: it looks like navigation

anyway thanks for reply;)