Does Actor have channel

I intend some actors only were rendered,

I thought that if actor has channel and I can do that some channel only rendered

for example

     if i press key F1 -> channel_1 : only render and channel_2,3,4 render off

else if i press key F2 -> channel_2 : only render and channel_1,3,4 render off

else if i press key F3 -> channel_3 : only render and channel_1,2,4  render off

else if i press key F4 -> channel_4 : only render and channel_1,2,3  render off

so,… can i assign channel to actor ?
not BP, i do C++

Hey 1205-

It would be possible to do this using Custom Depth however to do so in code would require you to make extensive changes to shader code. Typically render depth is set per instance using the Render Custom Depth Pass checkbox in the Details panel.


Can i get render depth qustion&answer?

I search that,but cant correct answer.

I just want certain object in certain area is only render and other render off for a while

Hey 1205,

We have implemented lighting channels, but not individual rendering channels. As mentioned, this can be handled with the use of Custom Depth. Take a look at some documentation made by an Epic staff member and community contributor.

The many uses of Custom Depth

Let me know if you have further questions.


Before see that document,may i check my intend?
If i use certain skill, all of actor in now level is render off even though skybox and terrain. Just render my player and actor in skill area like this

If i use render depth, i can progrrammig like upper?
Sorry to my english skill not well

Example picture render umg but plz know a example
But this picture is correct what i want
Skybox not render
Terrain not render
Just enemy in certain area, and me render only

Your best bet would be to use a combination of Custom Depth and modifying a post process blendable. Something along the lines of setting the Player Character and enemies to use the same Custom Depth Material/Stencil, and then on an event, darken and increase the contrast of everything thing not tied to the custom depth via a post process blendable.

The documentation I provided should get you started on how to go about setting up your custom depth. The post process blendable is pretty simple to control and we have documentation on that as well.

Post Process Materials

Good luck and let me know if you have further questions.


I’m studing about your answer, i find “camera anim”

That can location,rotation and post processing

If that help post processing, can i make upper picture eaiser?

If do that can i get camera anim tutorial?

Always thanks your kind answer

Hello 1205 -

I worked up a Blueprint project showing the basic setup you are describing and using the Picture above as reference. It has a UI which is always in focus, “fighters” which remain in focus and a background that comes in and out of focus based on a key press.

Hopefully this project will help you out.

Eric Ketchum

Test Project 4.10.4