Does a small object automatically ignore the rendering?

used a vegetation tool to brush some small flowers, my LOD setting needed to reach a very small screen space size to switch, but I found the flowers began to disappear on the screen after I was far away from them, and when I pulled the far angle, they disappeared completely, but I didn’t set it up. The corresponding LOD handover parameters are like automatic disappearing.

But I find that adjusting the opacity of their maps can alleviate some of these problems, but they will still disappear after a long distance.

Because I need to create some very high quality static images, but such a problem will make me completely unable to see my flowers when rendering the remote lens.

Is this the impact of the engine itself? Can they be adjusted to keep them from disappearing? This is really very helpless. We can not render small objects in the long shot. It has been bothering me for a long time and has never been solved.

As the picture shows, when I get close to them, the picture is the first one.

When I was a little away from them, they became like this.

But I didn’t add LOD to it, and he turned it into something like this.

This occurs mainly on objects with opaque maps, such as those using opaque maps.