Documentation/Appearance of Material Node "If"

The documentation states that the if node in the Material Editor outputs values based on the relationship of input A,B being either:

  • A > B
  • A = B
  • A < B

This is also the behavior of the node in the Material Editor.

The Node itself shows the relationship as:

  • A >= B
  • A = B
  • A < B

which is also shown in on a screenshot in the documentation.

Also the text in the documentation does not fit the shown relationship:
“A < B Takes in the value(s) to output if the value of A is greater than the value of B.”

This confused me for a few minutes and I suggest updating the node appearance in the Material Editor and updating the documentation:

Hi Chr33z,

I’ve updated the documentation this morning. This should be corrected when we publish again.

The node in the material editor is correct. The documentation has been changed to reflect that 'A>=B" will only use the ‘=’ when no information has been plugged into the ‘==’ slot. However, if something is plugged into the ‘==’ slot it will only use “A>B”.

I hope this helps and thank you for reporting.