Documentation and Usability of GameplayTasks module

Hello Epic,

We are currently in process of iterating gameplay AI implementation and was wondering if GameplayTasks module is usable from functionality and stability standpoint to perform actual gameplay actions e.g. FireAWeapon, Play a Sequencer cinematic etc. instead of BehaviorTree Tasks. This is purely so that we can future proof our approach to AI, as my understanding is that current BT approach will be slowly phased out.

Are there any plans to provide documentation in this area anytime soon?. And are there any blocking issues to be aware of if we were to begin using GameplayTasks.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Hey Abhishek,

GameplayTasks in general are in a pretty solid state and are currently extensively used by Ability System (used both by Paragon and Fortnite). Gameplay tasks’ use by AI is ok in 4.12, but it’s 4.13 that will have all the changes we recently did to handle lots of edge cases.

Regarding dumping BT in favor of gameplay tasks, it’s not the way to go, unless you want to implement your own BrainComponent. GameplayTasks are not meant to replace any AI decision making. They’re meant to be the common ground for different sources od decision making or action requests. It’s meant to make AI’s logic, level scripting, animation-triggered actions, etc, to work together without stomping over each other’s requests.

To sum up, GameplayTasks are definitely the way to go, but I’d wait for 4.13 (or use Master branch sources, this code has been in for over a month now).



Hello Mieszko,

Thank you for prompt response. I actually share your view in that BT tasks etc will exist purely for decision making and invoking gameplay tasks. Where as gameplay tasks themselves are the ones which actually do the work.

Good to know that 4.13 will have a lot of edge case fixes included for better stability.

It would be great if you can comment on documentation / provide some simple common use case example code snippets from your internal projects so that I can use that as a reference to make sure I am using GameplayTasks module correctly until official documentation comes out.

Thank you once again.

Hi Abhishek,

Sorry for a delayed response. I’ve just checked and it seems all the important fixes to Gameplay Tasks are actually already in 4.12.

I can’t really share code snippets from internal projects in a meaningful way since those involve other systems. I encourage you yo look at AITask_MoveTo, since that’s by far most elaborate AI gameplay task we have.

Regarding proper documentation, I can’t really predict when it will be created. Sorry.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding AITasks’ workings once you start experimenting with them.



Hello Mieszko,

Thank you for your response.

Good to hear that 4.12 already contains critical fixes. All I was looking for was an example usage code snippet due to lack of documentation but AITask_MoveTo is perfect. We will build on that and post more questions if any doubts arise.