Do you need UGS for Ndisplay

So i currently try to setup Ndisplay with switchboard. For the sync part of multiple machines. I keep getting errors with sync.

[19:09:00][D]: Node_1: Sync failed!

[19:09:00][D]: Node_1: usage: [-h] [--log-level LOG_LEVEL] {sync} ...

[19:09:00][D]: Node_1: error: --generate was specified, but unable to determine engine directory

So I stumbeld across UnrealGameSync(UGS) and wondered if it might help with the problem? what made me confused is that in the newest Release Notes they say

“Switchboard now uses a new Python script called sbl_helper to perform Perforce syncing, rather than the Unreal Automation Tool Sync Project. Syncing is now faster, with better progress reporting, and build versioning is more consistent with UnrealGameSync. sbl_helper laying the groundwork for additional planned improvements.”

Does anyone know something about it?