Do you have a Composure Tutorial for VFX Artists?

Every tutorial I find looks to be missing a main point of how to hook all the things up and at the same time goes on about things that anyone who has spent any time in After Effects or Nuke knows very well.

I just want a short how to video on a 3 layer green screen composite with unique names for different parts, example: “Layer_GreenScreen” ,“Param2D_GreenScreen” ,“File_Media_Source_GreenScreen” , “Media_Player_GreenScreen”, “Media_Texture_GreenScreen”, “Material_GreenScreen”,“BP_MediaPlateCompElement_GreenScreen”,

The video “Unreal Engine Composure Intro” is almost 25 min long and is useless because they already have a “media source” and “video Player” Unreal Engine Composure Intro - YouTube