Do we need our personal server for publishing a multi-player game?

Just got a small doubt about multi-player game. Do we need a server to publish a multi-player game in google play store? If not when we need server for multi-player games? And how does ROOM SYSTEM work in PUBG? how to make it multi-player games

depends on what the server should do. if it is onyl a “database-backend” - yes you need a server, but not one from unreal engine. if you want multiplayer like eg in PUBG, yes a dedicated server running your game would be necessarry. If you want multiplayer like a few people play it and play all together, you can go with peer2peer. I don’t know the room system in pubg, but usally it is a dedicated map, calling some matchmaking logic on the backend, and then matches you with some players to one dedicated server and travels you over to the new server to start the match

Any idea about how many players a server a handle? Like pubg how many servers are needed for a country? I don’t know about these stuff.wanted to know