Do The Unreal have "render server" system(Backburner) or Batch render like 3DSMax??

Hi ,I just newbie jump from 3Dsmax.

I have 5 interior rooms in separate scenes from 3DsMax. In each room, I have 3 camera setting. So totally I have 15 images that I must render.

My question is … Can we render all 15 images by put in the queue like backburner (server render) of 3DsMax (that I can send all scene and keep the computer render continually)?

Well each image will render in less than a second, so there’s no point in something like that. There’s no sort of queue system because that’s the whole point of realtime rendering, you get the results almost instantaneously.

It’s very different than something like offline rendering. The image will finish before you stand up out of your seat to go do something else.

There’s a High Res Screenshot option, so you would just switch to each camera view and use that to render the image, which will take seconds. If you want a video, you would use Sequencer and that will still take about a second for each frame.

You can create a blueprint to automate that for you if you want, for example; When you press the Space key on the keyboard an event is called that contains a 15 statement “Sequence” node that first sets the camera and settings, then an ExecuteConsoleCommand node to run “HighResShot”, then Move on two the next row, switches cameras, etc. If necessary you can add a delay node, but I don’t think that is needed, the HighResShot command stalls the game thread so it should work properly without it.

Pretty much any type of system for obtaining the renders can be scripted in blueprints, your not limited by the tools in UE4 :wink:

Thank you so much for all your reply