Do photorealistic modelling destroy 3d artist ?

Using photo to automatic 3d model to create realistic mesh…

3d artist probably have hard time to compete them. Especially low skilled artist…

they maybe quit or become animator.


Plenty of games want things that don’t exist in the real world.

A lot of the things that work well for photogrammetry, are assets that aren’t fun to model, rocks, terrain, ornate detail, etc.

Things like buildings still need to be split up, made modular, optimized, etc.

Photogrammetry is often a tool for things that need to be accurate. Weapons for a first person shooter could use photogrammetry, but it’s more likely an artist will use a scan for reference, but remodel the gun so they get a super clean and optimized mesh.

Even with photogrammetry, texture will likely need to be remade from scratch to get great, PBR friendly, results.