Do Once node dont get autoreseted in task lifecycle

Is it intentional behaviour that Do Once node in behaviour tree task dosent get automatically reseted when task is finished and started again? The tasks get very messy since I need to reset those nodes with sequences. I think also gate and other similar nodes are affected.

Repro, make task with execute AI connected to Do Once node. That is connected to print hello and finish excecute. If you use that task, it only success once then stucks the whole behaviour tree.

Let me know if I am missing something?

Do Once is working as intended. You need to reset it manually.

no problem, if that helped, don’t forget to upvote :wink:

Seems like task variables also stay so seems like its really intended. Was just suprised its that way. I thought the tasks worked bit like instances but clearly not. Will go through my tasks. Thanks :slight_smile: