Do my Uv's need to fit inside my grid?

So I couldn’t find a definitive answer on this. I found if make a plane in blender, and unwrap it. then double the size of the face on my uv map, I can import into unreal without any problems that I am aware of. here are screen shots.

My understanding is that the only thing this does is repeat the image, which is great if it is seamless, but also uses a little more graphics because it is loading multiple images on the mesh. is it a huge deal? Would I be better off making a new texture out of the old seamless texture for each mesh? this results in me having tons of materials and textures in my project for my modular building. Which is what I’m trying to avoid.

here are some houses I built using modular assets I created in blender.

The problem is that each shape has to have its own texture/material because I spent tons of time trying to clone out a seamless texture into each uv map. it would be ideal if I could use the same material for each mesh.

Tiling your texture has no graphics performance overhead.

Correct, you should avoid it.

Thanks for the speedy reply. This will save a lot of time and work. trying to retexture all my meshes that essentially use the same material was annoying…

Yeah, you don’t need to make a new material for each mesh that uses the same texture, you can use a material as many times as you want.