Do marketplace creaters pay attention to requests here?

From time to time I see someone post up a request for a pack of some kind and I wonder have any of you ever fulfilled a request here? I know once a pack has been released creaters are generally good for responding to customer requests but I don’t think I have ever seen a pack released to a request posted here. If you have how long typically does it take you to release the pack from the request date? I have a few ideas myself but not sure if there is any point in requesting if no one really does it.

If the request is interesting market wise and not too specific that no one else would buy it, they are usually persued. Creativity for new stuff is hard and there is a lot of developers that are not sharing their current work here, so, sometimes there is a launch that might be the same subject as someone else is developing.

Share your request with the community and at least a feedback regarding its feasibility would be given, thats my opinion. I myself usually read and consider thinking on every request placed here.

Do you have an example of a project you created based solely on a request here?

I don’t have one, based on a specific request here, but I made CloudscapeSeasons based on comments gathered over Youtube, Twitter, websites and other forum areas. I keep an eye on everything. The few ones posted here didn’t catch me up yet because they didn’t meet my personal criteria for a good project to go for. I usually look not only the proffitable ones, but the challenging ones.

Yes, we do look out for requests people post here.

I took a poll on what people wanted to see next in my scifi series, which is how the command center product came about. Another of mine was in regards to genre, in which fantasy won out hence my upcoming pack. I try to keep an ear out for what people are looking for. That doesn’t mean every single request will make it in a pack, or become a product but I try to implement as much feedback as I can. =)

One can request whatever they desire, but it’s ultimately up to the developer to implement it or reject it (I am sure if their assets/plugins run through their course, devs are highly unlikely to add more stuff).

Yes i requested a pirates pack to ironbelly and they did it, but to be honest, they dont rerally care (only ironbelly, so far).
and about @motorsep, what u said is true, but thats not the discussion, of course is up to them, but do they just ignore the resquests? tbh i respect it because they enjoy making what they want.

I don’t agree that it is just ironbelly who cares about the requests. Just take a look at this thread Marketplace Content - What would you like to see from the community? - Unreal Engine Forums and you will see many people who actually respond to these requests.

I requested a couple of things myself, and despite being quite the niche assets, these assets popped up in the marketplace a few months afterwards. Though I don’t know whether they have been created in response to my requests, since I didn’t get a direct answer to my requests from anyone.

+1 - Agree, as this recent example from LowEntry proves… However, maybe its less common than everyone would like…
Overall, the game community is quite karmic. You help someone in NZ, and someone in India helps you 6 months later.
It helps to get to know creators whose work you admire as well, sometimes they’re surprisingly open to new ideas - Try! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the shout out @Neff10 , but I agree with @rYuxq and @franktech that a lot of other developers care about what the community wants! We try our best to incorporate all of the requests we receive, but between updates, fixes and releasing packs we’ve already planned, we don’t get to all of them. But we keep a running list and I’m sure there are a lot of devs out there who do the same :slight_smile: