Do i require to make multiple texture for LOD?

do unreal engine have material generator that reduce resolution and apply to material automatically ? or i have to do it manually ?

example for long workflow :

  1. i have skeletal mesh
  2. for LOD , i render 2k texture resolution, to 128 texture resolution.
  3. then i apply and rename it.
  4. apply that material to mesh LOD

exaple for automatic workflow :

  1. i have skeletal mesh
  2. for LOD i only render 2k texture
  3. then i apply it.

do automatic workflow possible ?

Textures automatically mip to lower resolutions.


do i need to make 2k, 1k, 512, 256 resolution or not ?

or UE have automatic system ?

By default, the textures have an LOD system, so when the mesh gets further away it will go to a lower resolution of the textures. For a mesh LOD what that would mean is that you’ve modeled the mesh again at a lower polygon count so that when it gets further away it will switch to that lower-resolution mesh as well as changing to lower-resolution textures. If you want to make a mesh LOD you will need to bake your textures for that yourself, most likely you’ll need to bake the normal map from your original high resolution mesh.
UE4 has an automatic tool for generating mesh LOD’s where it will also generate textures for it, but I don’t think that works for skeletal meshes.

So i dont have to import 2k ,1k, 512, texture for LOD ?

jus have hi res and the engine automaticly reduce texture resolution ?

Right, if you simply want it to switch to load resolution textures when things get further away it already does that automatically. What it doesn’t do automatically is switch to a lower-resolution mesh which is something you have to set up manually.