Do I need to combine my meshes into a single mesh when I export from Maya?

Hello. I want to export a bunch of grass leaves that form a clump of grass. I tried doing this; I made meshes of leaves in Maya and grouped them together. Then I exported them. I was hoping to use my clump of grass in paint mesh to paint grass on my landscape. A while ago I exported my leaves and when I imported them into Unreal Engine, each leaf of grass was imported separately; I had about 16 new meshes when I just wanted everything to be in one mesh.
I realize that maybe I should’ve combined all my leaf meshes when I was still in Maya. I am not sure if this would work or not. Please let me know what I need to do to be able to import my grass clump that is made from unconnected pieces of grass meshes. Thank you for any feedback.

Hey @Elizaveta24. Yes - if you want to have your mesh imported in one piece to Unreal Engine you need to combine seperate meshes in Maya. Just select all the meshes you want to include and then use Mesh->Combine option.

Thank you! That worked