Do i need Normal and Bump Map ?

Hello guys, do i need Normal/Bump map for a Detailed Model such as this while making Subsurface Skin Material ?

Ok maybe i missed something very important in the last 10 years. But normals and bumps are the same thing XD
And from zBrush you can create normal maps, so make sure you click that button.

Actually Bump map is black and white, the same as Heightmap, while Normal is usually violet’ish and most common in game engines when comes to adding some microsurface.
First you have to make retopology/decimation of your high-poly sculpt, make UVs and bake Normals. Generally Normalmap is not needed, it depends on style you want to have, but gives that more depth to the models. As far as I know, Subsurface shader mostly cares about base color, subsurface color and ‘Opacity/Translucency’ - how much the color underneath should be visible in certain lighting conditions :slight_smile:

Yes, you would strongly want a normal map…All models are made of triangles and for you to get that subtle wrinkle in his forehead you would have to make that out of triangles…without normal maps that would take millions of triangles (as it is in Zbrush itself…just millions of triangles) and that would suck to run in a real-time engine…you’d blow things up…But if you use a normal map it Fakes lighting information like that wrinkle as a bit of an illusion on your eyes and make you believe there’s a wrinkle on his forehead when in fact it’s just a series of triangles that don’t line up where that wrinkle is…
The easiest examples to get your head around are brick walls in game… - …You’d have to model each brick and it would take thousands of Tri’s to make the wall when you could use 2 to make the wall and fake a brick lighting and colors with maps…One downside is as you look at the walls straight on the look like they protrude from the surface but you’ll see it’s a trick if you look at the edges of that cube/wall they’re on, it’s flat…no protrusion…But that goes into Height maps and or Displacement maps which is more than you’ll need to look into for now as the majority of games do not need them…