Do I have to pay fees to Unreal?

In order to use the logo, you need to fill out a trademark license.

It sounds like the walkthroughs you are making are custom work-for-hire for your clients, and work-for-hire fees are not subject to a royalty, so you are in the clear.

We use Unreal Engine to make architectural visualization. We make a playable level of what the cosntruction will look like and a menu with mostly renders and matinees. We are planning to make VR experiences for clients in the future. We would like to start using the logo for reels and credits of the levels we make for clients, beccuase it looks cool.
Do we have to pay Epic to use the logo? Should we be paying Epic right now?

We’ve read that you pay 5% when you get 3000 USd profit, but we have never charge that much for a level. and our games are only for few people before construction,not a release on steam or anything like that. I am no lawyer I don’t understand EULA.

Thank you in advance for any clarification.


THnxs for the info. I just have to fill the form with my name and address and send it, right? or is anything else needed?

That’s right. And comply with the usage rules.