Do I have to get Visual Studio 2013?

I just got Unreal Engine 4. And in order to code it states that I must get Visual Studio 2013. I start installing it, but it always gets the same error message stating “Unable to locate package source” I looked up workarounds for this issue. I ended up being taken to Visual Studio’s website. There, I was able to install the Visual Studios. I ended up actually getting the Visual Studio 2015 since it is the latest one. It took about 2 hours of waiting only to find out the coding section in Unreal Engine 4 specially needs Visual Studio 2013. Do I really need it? If so, how do I fix the error?

Hello MysticVoid,

Visual Studio 2015 support for our binary versions of the engine is just now being added as of 4.10. The 1st preview version of 4.10 is out now on our launcher. If you give that a try you should be able to use Visual Studio 2015. Previous versions required Visual Studio 2013 for the binary versions of the editor but recent versions such as 4.9 would allow you to build the source version of the engine for 2015 if you so wished.

Hope this helps!