Do games ever use the "EPIC" and "CINEMATIC" settings?

I suppose AAA studios targeting next generation hardware would go all the way.
Non-realtime film renders, architecture visualisations and all that stuff probably as well.

For the small indie teams and solo game devs though; how far should we go with these scalability settings?

I am setting up a graphics settings menu and considering leaving the top two options out, or at least the cinematic one.

Thank you for your time and may your day be great.

Epic is the best to have, unless the hardware won’t handle it, then you need to give them the option to ramp things down a bit.

Cinematic doesn’t work ( or do anything ), as far as I can see, in packaged games.

EDIT: Obviously it does something, but I think it’s more to do with rendering sequences than running games.

It depends on your games graphics and optimization - the scalability is just a toggle that enables certain features or certain thresholds for features.

I’ve made sure my game runs on epic settings at 30fps for medium level modern hardware. It is totally up to you how far you want to go.

Thank you both for your fast replies.
This has cleared things up and added more to the performance research.