do different equation depending on ">= / branch" output?

I’ve been looking everywhere and it’s either not possible or im blind as a bat (i know that bats aren’t really blind).
So basically to make it simple let’s say i have a number A and now i’m checking if A is let’s say smaller than 30, if it is i want to for example subtract 10 from A so (A - 10) but if it’s not then i want to do something else with that number like (A * (A - 10) ). Is there even a way to do such a simple thing with blueprints? Those equations are just random it doesnt matter what they do the point is, is there a way to do different math depending on the outcome of my “if” statement? Please be gentle with me i’m new here :slight_smile:

This is the graph I made for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Works like a charm, thanks a lot. It just never came to my mind that i can use variables in blueprints too! Set them and read them later on :slight_smile: Thanks again

As Debaucher showed, you just need to have different executions off the true and false branch node. Simple question, simple answer…welcome to UE4 :slight_smile: