Do decals work with orthographic cameras?

It seems that my decals stop working when I change from perspective to orthographic. This applies to both the editor window and the actual game.

Here’s my editor in perspective/ortho:

Here’s the game:

It’s possible it’s a problem with my material, in which case I’d love to know how to fix it.

Material Domain - Deferred Decal
Blend Mode - Translucent (can’t change)
Decal Blend Mode - Translucent
Shading Model - Unlit (can’t change)
Two-sided - yes
Material Attributes - no
Subsurf profile - none.


It look like a bug or, maybe, not. Decal works in orthographic camera in UE4.8, but not work in UE4.9 and UE4.10.0 P3. Beginning with UE4.9, deferred decal began to support Unlit shader and mobile/HTML5.
Please, create post in Bug Reports section.

This was posted in Bug Reports here: [4.9.2] Decals no longer work in orthographic projections - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

The bug has been reported with UE-22780.