Do custom Unreal Automation Tool commands really require a Source Build to run?

I am attempting to create a simple Automation Tool command that I can call within the Editor.

However after reading the following documentation (which is extremely inaccurate to the point where it is basically useless) I am curious if there is a way for Team members to NOT require a Source Build of the Engine to make use of whatever custom command is integrated.

The plan was to expose the command via a Plugin which adds a Toolbar Button (clicking said button would invoke the custom command).

It seems as though at the very least a Source Build of the Engine is required to setup a new command, but is there a way to package with the Plugin a .dll or something for that custom command that UAT would be able to search and find in order to invoke it without a Source Build of the Engine?

Any further documentation or examples of successfully creating custom UAT commands or extensions would be extremely helpful.


The clean way is modifying the UE source, create custom installer and enforce everyone to use it.

The Epic workflow uses UnrealGameSync. So, I doubt that you can configure UAT to discover *.dll based on configure file.

Base on adding custom UAT project to *.uproject directory, It will eventually output *.dll to Engine’s Binaries Folder.

So, The hack way is copying *.dll to Engine’s Binaries folder.
Very likely that this will fail.

For more document about custom UAT which you may have already seen it, Gauntlet Automated Testing and Performance Metrics in UE4 - HŌRU