DLSS3 And FSR3 Cant work together UE5.4.2

I cannot get DLSS and FSR3 to work in my project. I wanted to use FSR3 since it just got support for 5.4, and it literally just does nothing in my project. I tested it in another project and it worked just fine, so I assume its DLSS causing the problem, but after removing the DLSS plugin and removing everything from the project that has to do with DLSS, FSR3 still will not work at all, is there anything I can do about this?

you know that fsr is actually an amd product? it may work to some degree on nvidia hardware, but if you got dlss you don’t need fsr. they are mutually exclusive. you should keep both in your project to support bot hardware vendors in case you wanna release a game, but you should probably only use dlss on nvidia gpus and fsr on amd gpus. as it is designed to operate.

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yeah I know the differences and stuff, but i would like to add both to my game so people with AMD cards can use FSR

you can look at this project , it has all 3 upsacllers implemented