DLSS not working well with Depth of Field effect. Any ideas?

Hi all,

I have noticed that the magic of DLSS doesn’t work wuite well with camera’s DOF effects. I wrote Nvidia and they tell me that the problem is that DLSS happens in the same stage as TAAU in the pipeline (which happens one step after DOF: Screen Percentage with Temporal Upsample | Unreal Engine Documentation ), so Depth of field becomes quite weird… and it’s a quite important effect!

I have been trying to not use DOF and make my of Post Process material to simulate the DOF in a later stage, but the result is not near to the quality of actual DOF.

Please, do you have any iade about a workaround for this?

Thank you very much and best regards!

I personally say dont use dlss, taau works a lot better, dlss looking worse, performing worse, and being nvidia on newer gpus only.

About the last part you are right, but about the rest… I think DLSS looks even better than any other AA. And of course it performs much more better, being a game-changer; I don’t know how you can say the opposite.

And I dont know how you can say that, it looks identical to TAAU, same buttery smooth edges, alongside standard TAA, but performs worse (Use profilegpu), ghosts on the player mesh consistently, and creates splotches and artifacts on ssao(but this is rare), The only upside is it plays nice with translucency compared to TAA.

Same problem here. I’m looking for a fix on camera DOF with DLSS.

Hi all,

I am in the same boat, downloaded the latest DLSS and the depth of field seems to be gone when switching it on. I wonder if I am missing some settings with console variables?

Any help would be great!

I think we cannot get correct DOF when using DLSS, unless nvidia do something.

Tha last time I tried, it seems to work quite well now, since the last DLSS version. Could you check it too?

I tried DLSS 2.2.9, still can’t work. Did you change some settings?