DK2 Rotation with Matinee Camera Path?

I searched around and didn’t find any answer to this - I just received my DK2 and have it working with UE4 just fine but when i try to use it to view a matinee sequence with a camera moving down a path i can’t move my view around, it’s just fixed to the direction the camera is facing.

Is there a way to allow free head movement on a camera Matinee track?

Thanks in advance!

It works just fine if you use the default character blueprints like the third person template guy. I assume the issue is that you are keyframing a camera within the matinee and as such it is modifying said camera directly. For a quick and dirty fix you can copy template guy over, move the camera (edit: his own personal camera) into his body then set his body to not render (via Select His Mesh->“Rendering” Section->Uncheck Visable) and use him directly for your matinee’s keyframes.

Hmm, i will give it a try this weekend - I also came across something regarding a blueprint setup which is supposed to allow free rotation on a tracked camera. I’ll post here if i get it working.