DK2 Framerate issues

Games created with 4.8.1 run at 37.5 fps when using the Oculus Rift DK2.

Steps to re-produce: create a new 4.8.1. project and use either VR Preview, or Launch and go into VR mode.

Attempted “fixes”:

  • Setting maxfps in console to 1000
  • Disabling “hmd vsync”
  • Disabling “r.vsync”
  • Setting ‘Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames’, ‘Vsync’ and ‘Refresh Rate’ to ‘Use 3d Application Setting’ in NVidia Control Panel

The framerate outside VR mode is ~200 fps, far more than required even if it is halved for stereoscopy.

Environment: Windows 7 x64 (Aero Off); Core i7 3.4GHz; 32GB RAM; 4GB GTX 770

Hello sebjf,

I was able to reproduce the issue that you were seeing on your end. However, I then updated my oculus runtime to version 6.0.1 and this issue is no longer occurring. I hope that this information helps.

Make it a great day

Thanks! I confirm this no longer occurs with 6.0.1. Has it been determined what the problem was, so we can identify the source if it happens again?

Hello sebjf,

It appears to have just been a problem with the 6.0.0 runtime. We tested this with multiple versions of the runtime and only ran into the problem one the 6.0.0 version.