DK2 and Unreal 4.4 - How to setup properly?

My DK2 arrived when I was using 4.3. I read in a thread not to download the oculus tray app and instead use the separate camera driver because 4.3 didn’t work with the app. I did so. I changed orientation of the rift in my display properties. It worked just like my DK1 had been, but with higher resolution. Then I upgraded to 4.4, and everything seems about the same. Time to integrate positional tracking I think, so I go back and add it. However, the values I am logging out seem a bit odd, so I figure while I am trouble shooting I will go ahead and uninstall that driver, and download the oculus app. So I try using the direct HMD mode, unreal doesn’t seem to notice the rift at all in that mode. I switch it back to monitor mode. Now it shows up on the rift, but freezes instantly. Is 4.4 still not working correctly with the Oculus Vr service thing? What am I doing wrong here? There doesn’t seem to be any documentation on using the rift with Unreal Engine.

I tried this ->

Now it doesn’t crash, and It works with extend desktop mode, but still doesn’t work with direct hmd mode. The blue light on the camera blinks on for a moment when I start UE4, but doesn’t seem to work. The light doesn’t come on again and I don’t get positional tracking.

4.4 still with the same SDK than 4.3, you need pause the service.

No, I switched to the version here -> which has the updated sdk and is supposed to work with the runtime app.

Mine works in direct mode with the Oculus 4.4 build, but only with sub par performance. And I can’t package the game to see if that would help, running into some error.

So the way I start in direct mode is in the editor I use Play > StandAlone Game and Alt-Enter to fullscreen. For whatever reason that seems to work for me in direct mode.

Well, thinking about it, the bad performance (aka judder) is probably because it runs at 60 Hz if I start it this way. I can still see the game window on my monitors which run at 60 Hz. So there’s that.

I think I’ll just wait for Epics 4.41 hotfix at this point.

Interesting. For me, even the demo world in the config doesn’t work in direct mode. Also, turns out I had to add GEngine->HMDDevice->EnablePositionalTracking(true); to get the camera to stay on.

Got my DK2 today and finding it incredibly hard to get UE4 to work with it. I was able to get Couch Knights to work after trying for a while but there seems to be some major handshake issues going on that make me have to unplug and replug in the oculus half a dozen times to get it to work. Most of the time the camera in UE4 doesn’t even detect the oculus and just stares at the ceiling fixed.

Am I doing something major wrong?

All I had to do to make a project done in 4.2 work with Oculus DK2 was:

  • Update UE4 to latest version 4.4.1 currently
  • Download and install the latest DK2 SDK/Runtime
    *- I suppose you’ve already updated the firmware if not, the instructions are in the manual
    • in the Oculus Configuration Utility, make sure the HMD and the tracker (camera) are both detected
    • extended mode works best for me so far, and I use that mostly because I need some backward compatibility for older demos*
  • Open your project (or the FPS template) in UE 4.4.1
  • Run in standalone (resolution 1920x1080)
  • Bring the console up (`) (tilde key, usually above TAB key) and type: stereo on or press Alt+Enter

As simple as that, I was surprised that it only took two clicks to make it work! (Thanks to everyone who made that happen!)

This is a good source of info and it will help with trouble shooting at various stages:

Now that’s for getting something to show up on the DK2, could someone shed some light on optimisation and getting a good fps out of the latest build, please?
Preferably with the DirectToRift in mind, as I guess this is the way to go long term.
By the way how do you run 2 displays plus DK2 properly in DirectToRift mode?

Nailed it Miko. I forgot to STEREO ON like with DK1.

I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

How’s your performance with the FPS/Mobile demo so far?