DK2 and multiplayer - doable ?

Has anyone tried doing simple multiplayer setup where two or more people wearing DK2 join a map and walk around all together, seeing each other’s avatars and talk (through mic) ?

Something like that is quite easy to do if you follow this tutorial here:

That will sync you up with everything you need minus the mic support.

Yes, works well. Didn’t use positional audio for mic, though (simple Mumble setup without position). All you need is in the link from MrScratch.

Thanks guys!

btengelh, did you integrate mumble inside UE4 or are you using a separate application?

I’m still using it as a separate application. I know that there are a bunch of people here who would like to have it integrated (use search to find some inquiries), too.
But as of today I’m not aware of any plugin/integration for positional audio, unfortunately.
Unfortunately this is over my head to do it myself :slight_smile: