DitherTemporalAA "Transparency" Error

Hi everyone :slight_smile: i encountered a problem in my project with dithertemporalAA where a value of 1 still is displayed as transparent…

i added a streched version of the gradient i used on top, the left 25% are solid white (value 1) and the right 75% end in Value 0 on the right. (on the left 25% you can see a mesh shine through, but that shouldn´t be possible)

This is my test-Material:

maybe someone knows how i can fix this :confused: (the mesh is perfectly mapped, the same error is shown if i look at the material in the material preview using a plane)

This looks completely correct to me so I’m not sure what the problem is other than you have the gradient flipped in your head. It looks like the right side is full opaque (white) and the left side blends to black.

I could just be confused by the image. I assume it is a vertical plane sitting on a horizontal plane and if the right side was transparent at all i would see the plane through it.

Hi RimmyD, i get why you see it that way^^ i took a new screenshot with something behind the wall, so now you should see it more clearly that the left is the “opaque” side and the right side is the transparent one :slight_smile:

Oh, ha. I see now why it looked that way. If you just plug the U of the UV Coord node (plug UV Coord node into a Component Mask with just R checked) into your Alpha Threshold does it look the same or is it completely opaque in the white areas?

Curious if your issue is the texture (sRGB might need to be unchecked but that shouldn’t affect whites) or some material setting like the Mask Clip Value