Dithering detached seams on a static mesh

Hi, does anybody know if it’s possible to enable a dithering option on UV seams?

Let’s say you have a ball of grass, you dither the seams so it all looks smooth but with a complex pattern still while staying low cost since you can reuse the material.

So far I’m not finding much aside from a bunch of videos about dithering two separate meshes together.

Thank you.

maybe distance to nearest surface + the temporal AA node.
Could you show an image of how/where these seams are?
Normally, you can just not get any seams by building the model properly.

Here, as you can see it is not possible to hide those seams. So now I’m thinking if there is some kind of technique to dither the seams so they fade together. (without paint touch up)

If the item is 1 object you can most definitely hide that seam with smoothing.

Also, if I can hide seams on a modular skeletal mesh there is absolutely no reason that seams can’t be hidden on non skeletal meshes…

Try smoothing groups first, then if needed you can increase UV accuracy.

In theory I could hide the seams by making a custom texture for that model, but this would defeat the purpose of this post.

It’s not related to smoothing groups either, the issue has to do with the texture and the UVs, and I believe the solution lies within the material. I’m just no sure if it’s possible, I feel like this is pretty simple in theory.

What do you mean by increasing UV accuracy though?