Disturb The Sound Of Silence | UE5

| Rain always disturbs the sound of silence |
this is my first try on Unreal Engine 5.1 , actually my first try on Unreal Engine at all ,

Step into the enchanting era of the 1930s with my latest short animation! Join me on a mesmerizing journey down rain-soaked streets, where vintage cars reign supreme and raindrops play their own rhythm disrupting the sound of silence.

Created with Unreal Engine 5.1, with a combination of some Quixel assets, color grading is ACES Color space, was a combination between Unreal Engine 5.1 and Davinci Resolve Fusion, and some custom third-party assets modelled by 3Dsmax

Nanite is used for these assets and Lumen


I am genuinely amazed by your incredible creation! :star_struck:

First and foremost, I warmly welcome you to the Unreal Engine community and thank you for sharing your initial work with the UE5 engine “Disturb The Sound Of Silence” with us here in the forums. Your short cinematic is an absolutely stunning piece of work from start to finish. It has a calming and immersive effect that is truly breathtaking, and every asset and detail in the scene is of the utmost pristine quality! The cinematic itself is far beyond what I would expect from someone just starting with the Unreal Engine. I’m curious, what engine were you developing on before UE5? Also, if you don’t mind my asking, how long did it take to complete this scene in its entirety? :grin:


Hi there @Noisy_soul,

Welcome to the Unreal Engine forums! So nice to have you :partying_face: :tada:

There’s something so wonderful about taking a romanticized look at a specific era. I’ve never really seen this time period made to be so beautiful, but I have to say; I’m a definite fan now. There’s so many elements of this project that just hit for me. Specifically, the charming lighting, gentle rain, and (of course!) the music. The music being a slow piano made the project feel especially dreamy.

Thanks so much for sharing your art and I can’t wait to see your other Unreal creations. :slight_smile:

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**Dear @Zezkaii **,

Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words :smile: and warm welcome to the Unreal Engine community! I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed my short cinematic animation.

Before working with Unreal Engine 5, I had experience using 3ds Max with V-Ray and Corona Renderer engines. These tools allowed me to explore different aspects of 3D rendering.

Regarding the time it took to complete this scene, it took me around a month to bring it to its final form. I dedicated approximately 4 hours each day and 8 to 10 every weekend to learning and applying to this project. It was an intensive and rewarding process, and I’m delighted that you find the result breathtaking :wink: .

Once again, I sincerely appreciate your support

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Hi there @PresumptivePanda ,

It’s my pleasure, thanks for your words, this means a lot to me, extending a warm welcome and expressing your appreciation for my artwork. I am honoured to join the esteemed Unreal Engine forums and engage with talented individuals.

I am truly humbled by your words of support and encouragement. Your discerning appreciation reinforces my dedication to exploring many more :v: with the Unreal Engine. I am excited to share my upcoming Unreal creations with you and the community.


The pleasure is all mine! Your hard work in learning and applying your previous knowledge of 3D animation development has paid off tremendously. It’s impressive that you achieved this outcome in just a month. Do you have any other projects you’re currently working on or planning to work on soon? :eyes:

Hey there @Noisy_soul ! Firstly, I want to welcome you to the forums! We are so excited and honored that you wanted to share your creation with us!

I keep watching the video over and over, so much so I kind of want to put it on loop because the atmosphere is so relaxing and satisfying. The visuals remind me a lot of the show Peaky Blinders as well as a few older games like Mafia. It’s absolutely stunning and I hope we get to see more of your atmospherically gorgeous and scenic creations on the forums as you continue to create! :green_heart: :star_struck:

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Thanks a ton for the warm welcome!
I’m delighted that you find the video relaxing and visually stunning, Creating atmospheric and scenic content is something I’m passionate about, so I definitely plan on sharing more of my work on the forums. I hope to continue bringing visually stunning creations for everyone to enjoy.

Once again, thank you for your warm welcome and support.
I’ll keep creating more creations for everyone to enjoy. :grin: :v: