Distribute Vector Particle Parameter on GPU particles

Hi, I have a question.

Does Distribute Vector Particle Parameter work on GPU particles to expose parameters?

I tested it on Initial Size module and Initial Colour module but it worked on CPU particles but GPU particles.


I just tested it on both CPU and GPU initial velocity and it worked. Tested it on initial size it did not. So I guess some work some don’t?

I only reluctantly revive such an old thread, but for anyone who stumbles over this problem: Answerhub gives the solution.

You have to set the (default) constant of the parameter to the maximal absolute size of the particle. Yes, this is a misuse of the parameter, as it may vary e. g. between 0 and 1 – you nevertheless have to set it to e. g. 200 (and not to 1, even if your max output is 200).