Distorting shadows

Hello there. I’m trying to create this effect, but to be honest, I’m completely clueless:


It doesn’t matter if it’s done in the post process, using particles, in a material or any other way

Any suggestions on where to start?

Unsure what you’re asking for, the image doesn’t seem to show distorting shadows

In the left part of the image, the shadow isn’t just a full darker block. Instead, it has some lines surrounding it as well as lighter spaces inside. That’s what I mean.

Add some invisible shadow casting mesh shells? Not sure…

All I see is a drawing and some shadows with a dotted pattern, there’s no shadow distortion.

The edges of the shadow in that picture look “scribbled”. That’s what he’s looking for I think.

before this is going out of control…

You might all take a look at this thread, comes very near the picture after all.

Scribbled! That’s the word I was looking for.

I had already seen that thread, and got in contact with the author.

The shells idea sounds interesting… I’ll look into it

Okay, I tried using a simple masked texture in an scaled sphere and got something like this:

Looks far from perfect (far from acceptable, even) but looks like with a nice mask and some work I’ll be able to achieve the effect :smiley:

Problems appear when I build lighting:

Which is horrible :frowning:

How can I achieve sharper shadows, at least on an specific mesh?

Thanks in advance

You would have to increase the lightmap resolution on the object receiving the shadows. You might want to look into the stylized example project